Technical Requirements

TreasuryLive Technical Requirements

The TreasuryLive platform uses conventional internet methods, supported by any standard configuration.

It is worth checking with your IT team before using the platform for the first time, as this can save delays if your setup is not correct. They will be able to check that the following requirements are met, allowing you to make full use of TreasuryLive.

If you, or your IT team have any issues at all with the following requirements, then don't hesitate to contact our IT team directly on

Browser Setup

The TreasuryLive platform requires:

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 8.0 or higher. It also runs on Chrome and Firefox. Later versions of Internet Explorer (e.g. version 10), Firefox and Chrome are generally faster when handling large portfolios - as their JavaScript processing has been optimised for speed.
  2. JavaScript and AJAX to be enabled.
  3. IFrames to be enabled.


The site only works with HTTP (ports 80 and 443). Mime-types used by the platform are .htm, .js, .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .doc and .aspx

Web Filtering

Web-filtering can sometimes cause delays in the operation of the site. In general, we recommend not using web-filtering when working with the TreasuryLive.

More Help

Following the above configurations will ensure smooth operation of the site. However if there are any problems, please contact us at